Monday, 20 May 2013

Windsor Foodie and People Watcher

As you probably read in my previous post, I was accompanying a friend to the Royal Windsor Horse Show the week-end before last.

I know very little about horses, other than they are stunning creatures who can demonstrate exceptional strength and discipline,
However, events always give an opportunity for the obsessed foodie to discover new treasures.
Please rest assured, no links between the foodie and the horse lover here !!!
What's more, it was an interesting place for the dormant anthropologist in me for some people watching.

What did I didn't expect is to ever come so close the Her Majesty the Queen

Back to my passion for food, I met two fantastic ladies, Karen & Louise
who are passionate about spices and recently started their own business.

We tried a couple of the spices in yoghurt and cheese dips : Zaatar, Ras El Hanout, … these were all North African spices but they offer plenty of fixes for a great Asian or South Asian curry as well as fares closer to home (barbecue rubs, mixes for mince meat etc)
There were dry-fruit mixes to treat yourself to a 100% natural and delicious infusion as well as dried herbs and vegetable mixes to instantly enhance plain rice or grains and turn them into an exotic affair.
You will find their spices here :

Another fab find was the Fudge Kitchen.
Fudge Kitchen 

They have a wonderful shop on the high street. We entered the shop for a free sample and decided we HAD to go to their stand for an afternoon snack at the Horse Show.
My favourite were the Rum & raisins and the Eton Mess.
You don't have to treck it to Windsor though, their wonderful fudge can be bought online :

The last great food find was the Member's Enclosure's cafe.

I had a wonderful salad of peas and broad beans / Jersey Royal potatoes / spicy sweet potatoes and cheese for lunch.
But have a peek at the wonderful lemon meringue tarts and that gorgeous red velvet cake ;-)

Back to some (really British) people watching 

3 wonderful ladies enjoying the horse with a bottle of chilled wine. Oh! 
. . . rain ? Which rain ? Who cares ?!?!?!?

Disclaimer : The links mentioned in this post have not been sponsored or endorsed in any way, shape or forms by the companies mentioned. These were my two favourite vendors at the Horse Show, whom I decided to share with you.


  1. Wow... it all looks amazing. The red velvet cake especially so!