Thursday, 9 May 2013

Which supermarket shopping ? Slash your online (and offline) supermarket bills - How to photo guide

I have been using for a year now. It easily saves me £20 on a £60 to £80 pounds bill !

I never over-buy perishables. I establish a menu at the beginning of the week with seasonal, local produce and stick to it.
This shopping is done in-store at my local butcher, fishmonger and local supermarket.
However, I found that the area I was spending most money on is the wasn't the everyday grocery shopping but the stock/bulk items such as cleaning, laundry, tissues, pet food and drinks.

Supermarkets offer run promotions on such items and they are easy to stock.
But finding out which really offer the best values can be time-consuming and complicated. has been the greatest tool for savvy buys and helping me find the best  deals and offers.

Here is my method :

1. I start by checking my email inbox if I have a discount offer from Ocado. They regularly offer me 10 to 20% of a £50 or more shop.

2. Go into my account at My Supermarket and check the coupons they offer for £10 off a first shop, free deliveries etc.

3. I change the default supermarket (usually set to Asda) to the supermarket I am most likely to use on
that day and check the offer tab at the top.
I rummage through their offers for products I buy on a regular basis and running out of or maybe products I would like to try

4. As you add items into your cart, you will see a column on the right with each supermarket's total basket price. Click on the cheapest one and add the items you didn't find on offer.
Items are really easy to find. Either enter the name in the search bar or browse the categories on the top.

5. My 2 favourite tools from MySupermarket are :
- Price is indicated as a whole and per unit. If the brand you are looking for offer several sizes, order your search as cheapest per units. You may be surprised sometimes. Bigger packs doesn't always mean cheaper price
- You do not have to calculate your costs on branded items only. If you add a supermarket's own such as Tesco every day value, it will look for similar item in the same category from Sainsbury's basic, Waitrose essentials etc. Same for mid-range and top of the range supermarket own (Tesco Finest vs Sainsbury's taste the difference)

6. Once your shopping is complete, bear in mind the various discount coupon offer you had from each shop and work out which would work cheapest from MySupermarket's view basket column.
Click on that particular basket and check out. This will take you to the retailer's website.

7. On the retailer's website, enter your payment information, not forgetting your voucher code and pick your delivery. Bear in mind that "Price promise offers" from Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda or any other retailer will still apply as you are checking out directly from the the retailer's website !

An other added bonus, MySupermarket will offer you cash back on certain items.
This will be paid via Paypal a week or so after your shop.

Like any online retailer, will remember your last shop and most frequently bought items.

And don't forget to have a quick look before you do your in-store grocery shop too. If you have a couple of supermarkets available on your doorstep, they will instantly compare the prices and give you the cheapest option.

You can always write your list in the quick shop section and MySupermarket will find the items for you


  1. I will definately have to check this out. I am always looking for ways to cut my shopping bill

    1. And this one is actually quite fun too. Buying only the products you know you can "get away" with a tremendous bargain … all under one roof ;-)

  2. This sounds fantastic, a great way to save money.

  3. Thank you for this article, next time i'm looking to do an online shop i'm going to have a go. Any money saved is a bonus!!

  4. Great ideas, always good to saave money.

    1. Some really good recipes on your blog Heather.

  5. My wife has been doing a weekly menu before her main shop for ages - quite easy to do and keep fairly flexible. For example: Tuesday could be chicken breats, but that could be with salad and crusty bread, or chips and peas! Dependant on what needs to be eaten and/or what the weather is like!

  6. ive never understood how mysupermarket i actually have to buy from that site or is it just a price comparrison place?

    1. Laura,

      You fill your basket on My Supermarket.
      When you are ready; My Supermarket will send your basket to the retailer at a click of a button.
      This means you need to be registered with the particular online supermarket you buy from.
      Payment will be processed by Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Ocado or whoever you chose.
      This also mean that you will choose your delivery direct with the supermarket you buy for; you can add any extra discount code you had from that particular supermarket and slash the bill further, as well as earning your usual Nectar or Tesco points.

      I just placed an order with them yesterday.
      Got a Ocado order for £60 whilst it would have been well over £80 had I shopped with any other supermarket … and this is the despite the price promise ;-)
      The order was non perishables : laundry, cleaning etc. Which is mostly branded items.

      Do not hesitate if you have any other questions.