Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lavender & vanilla body scrub from Natural Heavenly Beauty - Review

Beauty on Trial's last month trial was the full range of Natural Heavenly Beauty's body scrubs and cream.
I signed up for the Lavender & vanilla body scrub.

What does Natural Heavenly Beauty promises ?


This Lavish Body Scrub helps smooth and refresh skin with a luxurious lather.
*This invigorating formula helps skin look radiant and feel silky smooth
*Made with Organic Castile Soap
- Comes in 9 aroma therapeutic scents (phthalate-free): Almond, Amber & Vanilla, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, French Vanilla, Lavender, Lavender Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Unscented
- Natural Heavenly Beauty Products contain the finest 100% Natural Ingredients available:
100% pure, natural, organic bath & body products that are free of harmful parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colors and artificial fragrances.
- Natural Heavenly Beauty uses ONLY Natural Preservatives :
100% pure Vitamin E, tea tree oil and extra virgin Coconut oil that does not dry out the skin. Their products contain the abundance of nature: powerful essential oils, natural butters from Shea and Cocoa and more; to create healing body treatments.


Enriched with nourishing Vitamin E, Organic extra-virgin coconut oil, moisturizing Jojoba, Grapeseed, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Safflower and Lemon Oils.

What do I think ?

The packaging: 

The packaging is very basic : a plastic pot you would find from any medical suppliers, a professionally
printed label across the body but stuck on by hand and therefore not straight and a ink-jet printed paper label on the top.
I really does look like it has been made in a young teenager's kitchen. Yet, this is a 100% natural product from a small company.
If you like the glamourous and expensive cosmetic brands, street clear.
If you are an environment and ethic conscious cosmetic user; this is pretty good news so far.

The ingredients :

Sugar, Organic unrefined cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil, 100% Pure vitamin E oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet almond oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, lemon oil, Safflower oil and essential oils for fragrance.
Great, nothing you couldn't find in your local Holland & Barret.
A child could make this at home ! But it will cost you much more to buy every ingredients separately . . . you don't benefit form the bulk discount ;-)

The scent :

I love the smell of lavender. Growing up on the Continent, we used to a have a soap called Monsavon.
It was a milk and lavender soap. The smell of lavender was so strong that you'd end up smelling like the little linen bags you buy in provence for your underwear draw for the rest of the day.
This is certainly not the case with this body scrub.
Unfortunately as much as I could recognise a hint of vanilla smell, I wondered if there was an error in labelling with my pot.
The scent was perfectly pleasant but more akin to the Jojoba range from the famous British maker of smellies with a whiff of Play-doh.
At this point I was quite disappointed.

How do you use it ?

This is a 100% natural mix of sugar, oil and essential oils.
So it does separates and you need to mix it before using.
This is quite inconvenient if you need a quick fix for your elbows in your morning shower but OK for a bit of week-end pampering.
Once mixed, it turns into a form of Slush Puppies - not so easy to grab without leaking everywhere.
On the other hand; i have used similar products before and always found them too oily.
The Natural Heavenly Beauty scrub does rinse very easily without leaving oily residues.
A major plus side !

How did it fare ?

I had some dead skin around my elbow.
Spreading the scrub was quite easy and it doesn't dry too quickly.
I scrubbed, rinsed with warm water et voila ! The dead skin is gone.
But more importantly, the skin felt incredibly soft after drying and didn't feel oily.


My final verdict :

I am not sure yet about 100% natural (grandma's remedies) product you get from micro-companies and still a sucker for larger ethical product brands.
However, this is by far the best of its kind I tested
Would I buy it ?
I wouldn't as it stands. I really feel the formula is still to be improved.
At £3.46 / 100g; it doesn't come cheap either ! Considering you have to use quite a lot compared to mass-produced products.

Disclaimer : I was offered a free sample of the scrub to test and review by Beauty on Trial. All words and opinions in this review are mine and have not been influenced or edited by the company or Beauty on Trial


  1. love natural products without parabans and sls much kinder on your skin without any nasty side effects, i use pure coconut oil regularly and its fab as a make up remover and moisturiser not to mention a brilliant treatment for dry hair!

  2. This sounds gorgeous,I always use natural skin care :)

  3. Should we generally test products before using it? Is this product made in London

    1. Unfortunately made in the USA.
      I tend to prefer buying British too ;-)