Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Nescafe Azera - Review

I am not a regular user of instant coffee as I use the famous Swiss capsules at home.
But as you know, I travel on a regular basis. Coffee in hotels can be really ghastly !
Instant often make it better.

Bzz Agent was running a campaign for the brand new micro-ground Azera.
I had tried Millicano before and didn't like it.
Could Azera convert me ? So I signed up for their campaign.

They sent me a free box containing 1 pack of 6 cappuccino, 2 packs of 5 single use Azera coffee and a couple of discount vouchers to give to my friends.

When the kit arrived, as it was early morning and I didn't feel like indulging ; I compared the Azera to my capsules.

What does Nestle say about the new Azera ?

Nescafe Azera, the new Instant Barrista Style Coffee 

We all love barista style coffee. The intense aroma. The enticing look. The roasted coffee taste. Now you can enjoy all of that pleasure in the ease of an instant. Genius. Just add hot water and enjoy with or without milk.

What do I think ?

As I would never order a long milky coffee from a coffee shop, I compared it to my Nespresso

Packaging and ease of use :

Azera usually comes in a tin. You need to place a spoonful in a cup (with or without sugar) and wait for the kettle to boil.
My usual capsule is just a question of giving the machine one minute to warm up (faster than the kettle), take the pod from the box and place it in the machine. Add the sugar to the cup and press the button on the machine.
The usual is much more convenient. Except that I can't take the machine travelling; it is easy enough to pack a box of Azera in my overnight bag or  bring a tin to the office !
Black coffee

Look :

The Azera looks better than usual instant coffee. Unfortunately, no one beats the creamy foamy top of the capsules.
Bear in mind that if you order and Americano from the coffee shop, the creamy top will not be there either.
So again, for look, I will stick to the capsule at home and definitely indulge in Azera whilst on the go.
With milk

Taste :

I must admit that I found very little difference from one to the other. They taste quite different but both are very good. 
There is no comparison between normal freeze-dried instant and Azera. Azera really does taste like proper and good coffee.
Azera is a delicious, silky smooth coffee. No bitter aftertaste and no nasty bits of freeze dry coffee speckling the top (and bottom of the cup)
So as far is drinking one or the other, the cost will be a deciding factor.

Costs : 

Nescafe Gold blend : approx £6.50 for  200g jar - 1 serving is 1.8g - Cost per serving : £0.06

Nescafe Azera : around £3.30 for a 60g jar - 1 serving is 1.8g - Cost per serving : £0.10

Nespresso capsules: £0.30 for 1 capsule - 1 serving is 1 capsule - Cost per serving : £0.30

Final verdict :

Considering the little difference in taste for the big difference in price, I will keep on using Azera as an everyday coffee. And give Azera an overall mark of 5 out of 5
However, for a more indulging moment, taking a break and curling up on the sofa, I will keep to my "better-looking" capsule. As I will stick to the capsules to serve my guests. Simply for the price, I will give Nespresso an overall mark of 4 out of 5
One thing for sure, I am ditching other instant coffee for Nescafe Azera !
I will also try to cook something with Azera, I have the feeling it is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to baking.

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  1. I disagree with the taste. It doesn't taste like real coffee at all. It has an unpleasant cheap instant coffee back flavour (like Birds Mellow) and the artificial crema is not nice.

    Unfortunately, no instant coffee has yet got anywhere near the taste of real coffee. I wait in hope.