Monday, 13 May 2013

PG Tips the Rich One - Comparison Review

As we all know, I am not the most faithful consumer when it comes to products and services.
I looove to try new things.
Nonetheless, I still have a few favourite brands I would never deviate from.
PG tips has been my staple for 15 years !

As most people raised on the Continent, I like my coffee.
However, my anglophile Grandmother converted me to tea at an early age.
I manage to drink 4 to 8 cups a day.

PG tips started diversifying their range in 2011 with the Fresh One, the Stong One and the Evening One.
A couple of months ago, they re-branded the Evening One into the Mellow one and launched the brand new Rich One.

I was looking forward to trying some of it and my wish was granted. I was recently sent a sample to try.

Rather than boasting about the benefits of the tea, let's have a comparison.

For the fairness of the experiment; I added 1/2 tsp (measured) to each cups, another measured 2 tbsp semi-skimmed milk and brew each cup for 3 minutes exactly.
I compared the normal PG tips with the Strong One PG tip and another cup from a competitor (see teabag in the picture)

What does PG tips says about its new range ?

"A complex and aromatic taste for a flavoursome tea"

What do I think ?

Scent :

When I opened my bumper box of 240 classic PG tips I could find the reassuring smell of tea-bag.
The scent coming out of the much smaller (80) box of Rich One was just amazing. It really does smell stronger !

The bags :

Still the same brilliant and unequalled pyramid system.

The colour :

Classic PG is slightly towards that re-assuring and familiar orange hue, it is darker too.
Whilst the Rich One is going more towards brown. Does this mean the Classic PG is more refreshing and the Rich one more complex ?
I do like my tea strong !

The taste :

I started drinking the rival brand . . . Yuk ! too weak, on the dishwater side
Moved on to the Classic PG (less complex and expecting to be not as strong). Aaaah ! relief, my favourite and trusted brand. Same taste as usual, same love as usual.
Can I really fall in love with the Rich one ?
Well, Yes I can ! It does have an added depth and extra layer of flavour.
It certainly is an indulgent cup of tea and in keeping with that gorgeous PG tip flavour nobody else has managed to steal me from

The final verdict :

The Rich One is a tea to indulge. It is part of the Premium range. But it also requires attention to be appreciated. 
As it is more expensive than the classic range (Currently £2.26 from Asda and £2.69 from Sainsbury's for 80 teabags) I will use the Rich One when I actually have time to settle and take a break with a cup of tea.
The classic range will keep me going for this all-day long, refreshing cuppa.

Disclaimer : I have received PG tips tea The Rich One to try for free. The free nature of the samples has not influenced my preference for PG tips brand over others. Neither PG Tips, or Uniliver have sponsored this post and all views expressed in this article are mine and mine only.


  1. I have stuck with PG Tips for years now, ( i must admit i love the beanie monkeys they often give away free with packs too x

    1. I've never managed to bag a Monkey. Useless at collecting points and vouchers ;-) They really are cute.