Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Dove Invisible Dry 48h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Compressed 75ml - Review

I very first tried this as Bzz Agent.
I received a couple of cans and several money-off coupons to distribute.
Although I received this product for free, you will find my honest opinion.

I kept a can for myself and gave the other to a friend of mine.
We both loved it for different reasons.

What does Dove says ?

Something big (or should we say ‘small’) is happening to Dove deodorants... They have compressed the same amount of protection and care into a little can half the size! That’s right, after years of development and testing, Dove have managed to change the deodorant’s nozzle so that it sprays out less gas whilst still delivering exactly the same amount of antiperspirant and ¼ moisturising cream. Giving you all the care and protection you expect from Dove, just in a little can half the size.

What do I think ?