Thursday, 16 May 2013

Redken Smooth Lock shampoo and conditionner - Review

This seems to be a highly controversial products.
Faithful users of Redken in the US trashed it on one of the largest site as they seem to prefer the older version of these shampoos.
Personally, I love it and so do UK reviewers.
Although I had tried a couple of Redken products in the past 15 years, I liked them and was happy to finish the bottle but never like this one I would buy again.

So what does Redken say ?

Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo gently cleanses, tames and replenishes hair to deliver nourishing shine and a long-lasting frizz-free finish. The lasting smoothness you could only dream about is now a reality.
The Thermo Active Polymer in Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo forms a humidity-resistant and heat activated barrier to retain internal moisture and strengthen hair. Fragrant almond oil conditions and coats the hairs surface to leave you with a silky finish and added shine.
Gently cleanses and tames hair to help provide a long-lasting, frizz-free finish:
- Ultra smoothing shampoo delivers nourishing shine
- Helps retain moisture
- Nourishes dry hair
- Eases detangling and improves manageability
- IPN helps defend against damage and reinforces strength

What do I think ?

Strand of hair washed with Redken
How did I use it ?

I have (very) long hair, down to my lower back.
Being so long, the tips are quite old and therefore dry, with a tendency to split and frizz.
I have tried Brazilian blow-dry before and hated the first few days where you are not allowed to wash that sticky head and have to be so careful about keeping your hair straight whilst looking like a wet and miserable puppy.
The smell of the first few days of a brazilian blow-dry is not that great either let alone the painful 2 to 4 hours spent at the hairdresser !

Smooth look does deliver very similar results ! (minus the downsides)
It is heat activated, so ideally you will either blow-dry your mane or use the straightener. Still much quicker than the hairdresser and instant results.

Using another brand

How does it hold to its promises ?

My hair was definitely smoother and felt silky soft. Bye Bye shaggy head ;-)
In terms of shine; it doesn't fare as well as one of the other products I am using but the result was good enough.

Fragrance :

Almond oil is one of the ingredients.
Many reviewers found the smell too strong; I simply LOVE it.
The almond oil gives a fragrance of marzipan and a hint of chocolate ;-)
If you like marzipan, go for it … if you are one of the many who cannot stand the stuff, best try another product of the Redken Range such as Real Control or All Soft

Texture and packaging :

The texture is quite rich and you don't need much of it for a wash. Hence a good value for money.
The bottle is a bit of a let down. In particular for a "superior quality" (Price range) product.
The top feels quite flimsy and not so easy to close when you are washing your hair, its biggest let down.
One credit I have to give Redken on the packaging is that the conditioner comes in a smaller format than the shampoo. I always end up finishing the shampoo before the conditioner with other brands and finds that frustrating when switching brands.

How did I come across the product ?

I won both the shampoo and conditioner on a Supercut / Redken Smooth Lock competition on Facebook last winter.
But you can buy them in salons and online.

Broken bottle cap after a couple of use only

My verdict and how long have I been using it ?

I always use three different shampoos throughout the week as each offer different properties.
Redken Smooth Lock has been one of them since February.
I will buy it again and would give it a score of 4.2 out of 5

Disclaimer: Although I received this product free as a competition prize, it was my own decision to review this product and all opinions are my own. Neither Redken nor Supercut have endorsed or sponsored this post


  1. Great review! I always shy away from ones that say they're heat activated as I'm crap with a blow dryer and think sometimes the end result is over-inflated by all the work I put in with a blow dryer/straighteners. But it looks like this might be one to try!

    1. And if you have other hair products to buy at the moment. You can get a free sample of the conditioner here :

  2. Great pictures! I need to try this - my hair is so frizzy recently.

    1. The weather really doesn't help with frizz at the moment. Hope this works for you.

  3. Jane Middleton25 May 2013 at 20:02

    I have very similar hair to you - length, colour and texture, so would love to try this because I am always after a good shampoo that smoothes frizz of the ends.

  4. I'll have to try this,my hair is always Frizzy at the ends