Saturday, 18 May 2013

Hovis Breakfast Bakes (Biscuits) - Review

When I was commuting to work, I often found myself spending the little time I had a home in the morning to : 
1. Take ages trying to look half decent; never found easy to look respectable without looking too dolled up 
2. Realised that all my work dresses were either in the wash or ironing basket 

 By the time I finished with the ablution and housewife's duties, there was not time left for breakfast. And no, I wasn't willing to wake up any earlier. 
 I was lucky enough to commute by bus. So breakfast on the go was a must. 
But these delicious chocolate croissants from the local caff' were not only fattening, worked out bloody expensive and most importantly, didn't sustain me for long. 

 Breakfast biscuits were becoming all the rage and there were loads of special offers around.
Some tasted better than others and some would last me longer than other. 

Hovis has just come up with a new range of Breakfast Bakes. 
I was offered two flavours to try : Milk & Oat and Oat & Honey. 

What are Hovis promises ? 

Hovis Breakfast Brakes – Same Baker New breakfast.

Hovis Breakfast Bakes are a delicious new way to start your day. We have been baking delicious products for over 125 years, and we have built on this expertise to create the new Hovis Breakfast Bakes.

Delicious crunchy biscuits, specifically designed for breakfast and like all Hovis products, contain No artificial preservatives.

Available in three tasty varieties:
• Malted Crunch
• Oats & Honey
• Milk & Oats

All our Breakfast Bakes contain 5 handy packs of 4 biscuits ideal for your hand bag or your office drawer.

What do I think ?

How did I have it ?

At home with a cup of tea and a glass of orange juice.
If I was having breakfast on the go, I would have a cup of tea or coffee before I set out and pack the biscuits in my bag with a small bottle of juice or smoothie.
The biscuits are wholegrain and therefore a better source of fibres than most breakfast biscuits.
However, I feel that an extra piece of fresh fruits or a handful of dried fruit would take it to a healthier breakfast.

How did it look ?

One downside of the new biscuits is the packaging. 
The box is made of very thin cardboard. Maybe better for the environment but not great for the biscuits.
Only one pack out of five had unbroken biscuits. Broken means inconvenient to eat on the go.
As far as the actual biscuits are concerned, they are quite cute with the Hovis branding imprinted but the oats and milk were a little pale
Still, who cares at this point. The only thing to care about for its look is how the you can see all the "goodness" of the wholegrain.
Didn't really notice this with other biscuits.

How did it taste ?

The texture is similar to oatcakes. They are not super crunchy or crumbly and therefore easier to eat without leaving crumbs everywhere.
The Oats and milk taste sweet, reminiscent of a comforting bowl of warm porridge and you can taste the wholegrain.
The Oats and honey tasted toastier. I couldn't really taste the honey but enjoyed the flavour overall. On the other hand, the honey version has a hint of salt; more akin to Digestive biscuits. The combination of sweet andsalty leaves you wanting for more.

How did they fare ?

Despite my whole breakfast consisting of fluid and no other solid food than the biscuits; they have managed to sustain me until lunch time.
I would recommend you eat them with a piece of fruit from a nutritional stand-point and to reach your 5 a Day but you will not be left starving without this.

You can buy at Morrissons for £2.19 for a pack of 5 individual portions (4 biscuits/ portion)

Disclaimer : Although I have received the biscuits to try for free. The opinions in this review are mine and have not been influenced. I have not received compensation to write this post


  1. I've had these before, as part of a promotional pack. They're nice - make a change from normal breakfast bars. Kids liked them too!

    1. Love the handle name ;-)
      They are pretty good as kid's lunchbox snacks for the afternoon craving or Le Goûter as they call in France

  2. Thanks for the review, I'll be looking out for these next time I go shopping.

  3. I've been wondering about trying these for early morning starts but rejected them on the grounds they were probably too much like rabbit food. having read your review, I'll give them a go! I prefer reviews from "real" people as opposed to companies telling me how good their product is. Thanks! (bev_metallica on twitter)

  4. These are lovely,had them for breakfast this morning

  5. I've never seen these! I will defiantly be trying these out at work.

  6. oooo these look yummy i will be on the look out for them

  7. Hi there just came across your blog on the Newbies section on Britmums - really love your reviews and will definitely be popping back x

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Carolynne. Really appreciate the support. xx

  8. these look really good for breakfast on the go. i hardly get time to have a proper one these days

    1. Ran out of bread this morning and couldn't be bothered to go to the shop. They came in so handy ;-)

  9. My son is eating breakfast biscuits regularly for breakfast now - they're very easy. We haven't tried this brand yet though.

    1. They taste less sugary than others. Makes them perfect for children ;-)

  10. These look yummy and are a healthier start to the day than grabbing a Danish Pastry!

    1. They are not too bad. But the main thing is that you will feel hungry waaaaay later than if you'd eaten a Danish. Hope you enjoy them. x