Thursday, 2 May 2013

Simple Kind to skin Facial wipes - Review

I have never been a regular user of facial wipes before.

BzzAgent was doing a campaign for the new improved formula.
I have used the simple deodorant for over 10 years and still my favourite on the market, so why not try the wipes ?
I registered for the campaign so that I could receive a free pack and give it a go.

What does Simple say :

Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes 

When your skin's happy and fresh faced, you feel healthier and happier too!

Our Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes are a perfect blend of ingredients to help to refresh and tone your skin. Our Face Wipes remove waterproof mascara. Perfect for even sensitive skin. 
Already a fan of our Face Wipes? Why not check out our range of Simple moisturisers
simple goodness
Our special blend of Simple cleansing goodness containing Pro-Vitamin B5, helps to gently cleanse your skin without leaving it dry.
Dermatologically Tested and Approved

What do I think ?
I love the convenience. 1 wipe versus 3 to 5 pads and lotions
How did I use it ? 
My usual make-up is : Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer, Kanebo cream finish foundation, Bobbi Brown loose powder, Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara and MAC Pro Longwear lipstick.

The pack promises that the wipes work even on waterproof mascara.

By the way, the Pro Longwear lipstick will usually only be removed by oil, most make-up removers would not do the trick (Hence the lipstick lasts all day !)
The wipes offer a textured side and a smooth side. 
I used the textured side only to start with and then finished off with the smooth side. 
They do feel really soft but not very thick.
What other promises did I love ?
The wipes are oil and alcohol free. 
Fragrance free 

How did they fare ?

As you can see from the picture, they seem to have remove most of my make up and did work quite well on the mascara.
I then used my usual cleanser and a cotton pad; there were still some traces of make-up.
My skin felt really refreshed and non greasy but a bit wet. You would have to wait over 5 minutes before re-applying make up if you are doing a "day to evening change-over"
It didn't feel irritating or tingly, I agree they are kind to the skin. However, you would need to use moisturiser after using the wipes.

Will I buy them again ? 
Yes but not for everyday use.
When would I use them ?
I love them after a tipsy or tired late night out when I feel lazy
I would use them for  a fly-away week-end to reduce the amount of liquid and avoid checking my luggage with the airline
To sum up :
Pros : Feel soft - Great for lazy time or travelling - Good enough in terms of effectiveness - Alcohol, oil and perfume free
Cons : A bit wet at first - Dries the skin after use - I am not a fan of the feel
Score : 3.9 out of 5

Disclaimer : Although I was sent this product free as part of a BzzAgent campaign, the thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by the fact it was a free sample


  1. Interesting review. I've never been a fan of wipes before but might give these a go

    1. They really are best when you are having a "can't be bothered" moment. At least that is what I found and how I will be using them ;-)

  2. Thanks for the review.I love Simple facial wipes! They remove make-up quickly and easily, without being greasy. They also have a pleasant and subtle fragrance and the cloths are slightly "embossed", which makes them easier to use and more effective at removing make-up in my opinion. You can also often buy them "3 for 2" in Boots, or cheap packs of 3 in Bodycare.

  3. Thank you very much for the tip Mimi