Saturday, 27 April 2013

Viakal Limescale remover - Review

As all my London followers will sympathise, limescale is a big problem in Inner London.
Kitchen sinks look really bad just a day after the last clean. And if you don't use any product specific to limescale but a general kitchen cleaner . . . Good luck to you little Home Fairies !

4 red zones : >21C dH : The hardest water on the scale !

As part of a Super Savvy Circle campaign, I was given a bottle of Viakal limescale removal spray to trial.

I have been a regular user of the Viakal limescale removal gel for 15 years and it has always worked wonders on my London kitchen sinks.
So how does the spray compare ?

What is it Viakal promise ?

Protects 3x longer against limescale*
Forget the build up of limescale and unsightly watermarks. Viakal’s winning formula removes limescale instantly and protects your surfaces 3x longer than other limescale removers. And with its smart water-sheeting technology, Viakal even keeps watermarks at bay – for a sparkling clean bathroom day after day. 
How to use Viakal Spray:Turn the nozzle ‘on’ and spray the affected area.
Wipe with a dry or damp cloth.
Rinse thoroughly with water.
For tougher encrustations, leave on for up to five minutes before wiping the surface. Rinse well and repeat if necessary.
Don’t use on acid sensitive surfaces.
Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with eyes.
Product benefits:Removes limescale
Prevents watermarks
Brilliant shine
  • *than other limescale removers

Before cleaning
 Effectiveness :
I rinsed my dirty kitchen sink with some hot water and immediately sprayed the product.
Armed with a pair of sexy Marigolds and the simple help of a scouring sponge; I scrubbed the  sink.

Was it easy ? Fairly
Did it remove all the limescale ? Most

Compared with the gel; the gel wins all round
Score :
Spray 3/5 - Gel 5/5
Before cleaning
Product feel and smell :
The fragrance is not too strong and it didn't feel as though it would burn my skin.
I find the smell very strong with the gel and I have learned my lesson not to use the product with bare hands as my skin really reacts to the product
Score : Spray 5/5 - Gel 2/5

 The overall verdict ?

I am afraid I will keep using the gel, despite the inconvenience.

Spray : 3/5
Gel : 4/5 (Haven't found any better limescale remover yet though !)
Disclaimer : Although I have received this product for free through Super Savvy Me website; the opinions expressed are entirely mine and genuine.  Neither SuperSavvyMe nor Viakal (P&G) have suggested I write this post nor did they sponsor the post.

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