Thursday, 25 April 2013

L'Oreal - Youth Code Lumizing Serum

What does the bottle says ? :

Not radiating your usual fresh, youthful glow? What if you had the code to unify irregular skin tone and re-awaken a more even, luminous complexion?
The Science
L'Oreal research has identified genes that contribute to regulating skin pigmentation, evenness and luminosity. Irregular pigmentation leads to uneven skin tone - skin looks dull and loses its vitality.
Innovation : Lumi-Gen™ Technology
Inspired by gene research, L'Oreal has developed Lumi-Gen™ technology. It helps reduce the appearance of irregular skin pigmentation.* Skin looks more even and luminous.
*In vitro test
Effective Results
Immediately, skin is intensely hydrated, with a dewy look.
  • In 1 week, irregular pigmentation begins to appear reduced. Skin looks fresher and brighter.
  • In 1 month, complexion irregularities appear reduced. Skin looks more even and luminous.
Unique Texture
The luxurious texture feels light, silky and intensely hydrating. It penetrates the skin instantly to provide a sensation of intense hydration with a sheer, dewy finish.


What do I say ? 

 Texture :   

I couldn't agree more with L'Oreal about the texture.
It does feel incredibly silky and luxurious. I love the smell (very fresh) and it does really penetrate the skin instantly.


My skin feels really silky but I felt  a tingling sensation.
As I have sensitive skin, I didn't buy the bottle to check their claims after 1 week / 1 month use.
The instant result ? No visible results, but touchable.
It is supposed to reduce redness. Maybe after a week of use but I didn't feel my skin looked any different after 3 days

Value :

Less than £20 from most retailers 

My overall thoughts : 

Maybe great for some but not for the sensitive / reddish skin of a 30 something