Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bzz Agent - Marketing campaign for new products

My favourite in its category

As a Hussy Housewives, I looooove to try new products.

Unfortunately, being so fickle can be very expensive as I tend to try any products I find in shops (according to my preference and budget).

Recently, I found a great website :
WOW, they send me new products, I spread the word and write honest reviews and if I am good, they will send me some other products to try.

When you first register, you need to fill a lot of short surveys.
This will ensure they only contact you for campaigns who fit your profile and preference.
Once they have established you are a good candidate, they will send you another email asking you if you are interested in the new campaign.

I only registered in January and so far I have tested and marketed :
- The brand new (sized) Dove deodorant
- Some Simple facial wipes
- E45 every day moisturising lotion

I am also eagerly awaiting the starter pack for two new campaigns :

- AZERA(R) instant barrista-style coffee
- Tesco Free From range

I will post the reviews on the above 5 very soon.

To go go to Bzz Agent, once you are registered for a campaign; link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
The first step is to spread the word (you often get to try products just before they are released onto  the market ;-) )

They will send you a box with full-sized samples of the product to Bzz about, some money-off coupons for your friends and often samples of the product to distribute to friend and colleagues.

Once you have tried and tested the product, write a review on the Bzz Site and talk to your friends about the product and the BzzCampaign (aided by samples and coupons)
Report the conversations you have about the product on the Bzz site.

Post your reviews online at other retailers, any that will sell and let you review the product.

The point here is to give your honest opinion. You are not an ambassador for the the brand, nor a pushy salesman. If you love the product, spread the word. If you think the product is crap . . . say so ! It will only help the manufacturer to see how well the product is doing is what there is to change.

From time to time, spread your experience on Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly post photos or videos of you using the product.

You don't have to do all the activities but you will have to link your Social Media account.
The more activity you do, the higher your score on BzzAgent website, the more likely you are to be selected for future campaign.

Many of the activities will also bring you Tesco Clubcard points ;-)

The website is very good at remind you to do activities, which and why.
I have greatly enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to carry on Bzzing for them to try new products.
I will give them a 5/5 so far


  1. I have never heard of this website before I will need to mooch around.

    1. There are plenty of campaigns running a the moment : 2 different ones on cheese, Veet Easy Wax, and a few other. Great fun if you like to try out new products. x

  2. Have just signed up with Bzz - seems a great way to try new products and help brand leaders promote them.

    1. I recieved loads of vouchers for free (sharing) cheeses from Tesco today ;-) Next week is going to be cheese galore LOL.
      Hope you get to join a fun campaign soon.