Monday, 29 April 2013

One of my favourite foodie website : Great British Chef

Are any of you hooked to Master Chef (the Professionals) ?
Has anyone been watching the Great British Menu ?
Who is splurging on Michelin starred restaurant whenever they travel and can ?
And finally, do you ever cook (or try to) as professionals do ?

If you answered yes to any of the question above, or simply think of yourself as a serious foodie; the Great British Chef website will offer you a mine-full of information.

Click here to discover this fab website or read on my post to discover various features :

The recipes :

You will find many recipes from Michelin starred chef.
The recipes can be sorted by :
- Collection (Kids, vegetarian, Great British Menu, sustainable fish, romantic meals etc)
- Ingredients (A handy alphabetical list of some ingredients)

But the most interesting feature is the "Seasonal Ingredients" section.

I am an advocate of eating seasonal and local. Not only you will get the best produce (They haven't lost all their goodness in days or weeks of transport), you will support your local and national economy (Quite important in these though times !) and finally, you will support your own purse ;-) As you are not paying for transport and can therefore afford better quality or reduced costs.

The Chefs :

This section can either be sorted by Chef or by Restaurant.
Here you will find links to profile and recipes from the likes of Bruno Loubet, Galvin Brothers, Helene Darroze, Lisa Allen and many more.
If you sort your search by restaurant, you will first choose the region. Amongst many others, a few example of restaurant featured : Bingham restaurant at the Bingham (one of my personal favourite!), Northcote Manor, Le Manoir au Quat' Saisons, Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, and the Walnut Tree Inn (now taken over by Shaun Hill)

Videos :

Videos of interviews with chef and recipes, techniques and demos of equipment

Kids :

Get your children to appreciate the finest things in life.
A unique section dedicated to recipe to make with kids, kids videos and . . . Kid's Blogs !!!

Competitions :

Half a dozen comps every month to win kitchen equipment (they recently had a Sous-vide competition), signed cookbooks, pastry and kitchen tools and of course some foodie hampers.

Blogs : 

Links to the best UK food-blogs.
They run regular features and flag the posts they find most interesting.
Fellow bloggers . . . Take notes !

Shop :

This divides into 3 main categories

- Experiences : Michelin star chef masterclasses, gourmet stay etc
- Products : The very best online shops for equipment, books, clothing, fine food, hampers and more
- Cookbooks : See what's hot to read in the cooking world at the moment or find that great classic.

Disclaimer : The decision to mention this amazing website was mine and mine only. Great British Chef has not sponsored this post, nor did they offer me to write about their services.

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