Friday, 12 July 2013

Holster Jelly Shoes - Review (+ competition for a children's pair on Thursday)

I am just back from a work trip in beautiful sunny climes.

I knew the city I was working in was near the sea and would probably take a few days off after the work-week to re-explore Spain.
But panic set up before I left : I haven't been to the beach in years ! And all my shoes are "city" shoes.

Fortunately, Holster Australia offered me the opportunity to try some of their shoes.
I set my eyes on a classic pair of black sandals with wood detailing.
Easy to match with much of my wardrobe and smart enough to go from beach to casual dinner.

Where are Holster shoes available from ?

Basically, all the fashion shops in Britain :  Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Harrods!
As well as some small boutiques across the country.

Of course, you can also buy them online.
See list of full online and offline stockists in the UK here :
You can also follow their Facebook page for updates :

What do Holster offer ?

Of course the largest part of the range is jelly sandals and flip-flops
But Holster also offers a range of wedges and wellies
And of course a range of children's footwear
They are available in a wide variety of colours; easy to match with any outfits

Jelly Wellies … What about smelly feet ?!

Just like another famous brand of jelly shoes/cloggs; Holster's are made of odour resistant PVC and they are very easy to care for. Just clean with mild soap and water

How comfortable are they ?

They are very comfortable.
I have had trouble in the past wearing flip-flops or other flat shoes. My heel was hurting as I was forcing it in an un-natural flat position
Holster's flats, flip-flops and sandals have a small heel and have an arched sole

How sturdy are they ?

They are made of soft and flexible PVC injection.
Much sturdier than most flip-flops and they are guaranteed 3 months
The jewels and other features are made of the highest quality
The jewels and studs are A-grade and the crystals Swarovski® !!

What about green and ethical credentials ?

They offer quite a few :
- Recyclable material (PVC 3). All trimmings and rejects at the factory are recycled for the next batch
- Cruelty free and devoid of animal products - therefore vegan friendly
- No harmful chemicals are used and they are non-marking
- Holster's support no less than 5 charities

How much are they ?

They usually retail around £40.
Quite expensive for flip-flops but incredibly good value for money when you look at the durability, craftsmanship and the superior materials used for the shoes … and not forgetting the WOW factor as far  as fashion is concerned !

Disclaimer : I was sent a pair of Holster shoes to try. This article is my honest opinion. Holster was clear that a review would not be expected for trailing the shoes and has in no way endorsed or sponsored this review. 

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  1. Really like those - I just cant have anything between my toes, which is a nuiscance when buying flip flopslol xoxo

    1. I never used to wear flip-flops and not used to have anything between my toes.
      The shoes really hurt the first couple of hours I wore them.
      However, they seem to have "moulded" around my feet and became really comfortable

  2. You look good in them. But where were you? Barcelona? Figueres? I love the Spanish coast.

  3. i think this is a great review and i am looking to order a pair of these!!! thanks!!!

  4. London looks different than I remember. :)

  5. I sooooooooooo need some comfy sandals for holiday! They all rub me! :(

    1. They seem quite good at "moulding themselves" around your own feet.

  6. Being pregnant I really need shoes like this at the moment!

    1. Congratulation Amanda !
      When is the baby due ?

  7. They look comfy. I can never seem to wear sandals with the toe bit tho. Always find it runs against my toes. May just be my feet or I haven't found the right shoe yet.

    1. I usually hate wear anything between my toes and these were really painful for the first couple of hours.
      Eventually, I got use to them and not love them. I find them really comfy.
      Try wearing at home to break them before you set off anywhere.

  8. They look comfy. I can never seem to wear sandals with the toe bit tho. Always find it runs against my toes. May just be my feet or I haven't found the right shoe yet.

  9. I can't wear the flip flops with the toe bit. Always wonder how others manage it. Must just be my strange feet.
    Oh thanks for stopping by too x

    1. You are most welcome.
      I enjoy reading your blog.