Monday, 29 July 2013

Batiste dry shampoo strength & shine - Review

As part of the latest BzzAgent campaign, I was given a whole range of new Batiste product to try.

The first one was the Strength & Shine Dry Shampoo.

What does Batiste says ?

Who says you should be resigned to a bad hair day just because you’re between washes? The resident expert in dry shampoo, Batiste, has introduced a new range of products that keeps your hair looking fabulous on the days you don’t wash your hair. Quickly and conveniently give your hair the care it needs on with a little help from Batiste!
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  • Daily hair styling can cause your hair to become weak, brittle and tired looking. That’s why Batiste created the Strength and Shine Dry Shampoo, enriched with
  • L-Arganine – an amino acid known to stimulate the hairs follicles. A quick burst instantly refreshes your hair between washes and helps it to look and feel stronger, shinier and altogether gorgeous!

What do I think ?

How did I try it ?

I hadn't tried to use a dry-shampoo for 15 years.
It seemed the ideal solution at the time for a lazy teenager. Unfortunately, every shampoo I had tried then left my hair looking as though I had a massive attack of dandruff ! And never even left my hair smelling really nice or fresh.
BzzAgent was a running a campaign for Batiste.
I had heard so many positive feedbacks from friends who have been hooked to it; this was the perfect occasion to try this one out.

The bottle :

It is a regular aerosol canister spray.
Maybe not the greenest way to use cosmetics but a very easy and convenient one

How do I use it :

I had washed my hair 24 hours before I used Batiste.
In this hot weather, my hair gets greasy faster than usual.
Batiste may be an easier solution than washing the hair on a daily basis; great for a quick fix in the morning.
You need to spray the shampoo at the root of the hair (As seen in the picture, you will look like Cruella deVille )
Massage the powder onto the scalp to spread the powder and pick-up the grease.
You can also spray the shampoo into mid-length and hair and remove with brushing

How did my hair look?

Unfortunately, it did leave some grey/white film on my hair.
I am a brunette and feel this shampoo would work best on blondes and grays.
But never mind, Batiste now came up with a new version for every colour : Blonde, brunette, auburn and dark.

How did my hair feel ?

It didn't feel very soft.
Fortunately, there is a smoothing conditioning mist. (To be reviewed later)
Not a great shampoo to use by itself but does the trick if you use leave-in conditioner or the Smoothing mist afterwards.

How did my hair smell ?

The hair didn't smell greasy or dirty anymore.
The fragrance is very pleasant; remind me of a very expensive leave-in conditioner spray I often use (Leonor Greyl)
However, the fragrance is very strong.
It does fade a bit but the smell will most probably stay with you all day long.

What else did I like ?

Batiste is a US brand but this Batiste shampoo was made in UK on behalf of Church & Dwight UK Ltd.
It was produced, packed and distributed in the UK, thus contributing to the British Economy

What is my final verdict :

I may use Batiste dry shampoo for desperate mornings I need a quick fix and have too little time.
But I doubt I will buy it unless it is on offer.
However, I will use some of the other products from the range and will most probably try the brunette version out.
Weighting the pros and cons, I would give Batiste dry shampoo strength & shine a 3 out of 5

Disclaimer : I was sent this product to try for free as part of a BzzAgent campaign. All opinions are my own and this post has not been sponsored


  1. My grandfather use to use dry shampoo, the idea of putting powder in your hair always seemed strange to me... I wash my hair daily with regular shampoo, often leave the house with my hair still wet ;)

    1. I am glad I am not the only one who doesn't like the hairdryer ;-)

  2. Hi dear, interesting post and you have an awesome blog, did we follow each other already? if not, would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back! xoxo


  3. personally i find batiste a life saver and it has saved my skin numerous times.. but i am blonde so maybe thats why i have a high rating of it.. also my hair is very fine which i think contributes to it being extra soft after using this.. will try this new one to see if leaves my hair shiny :)

    1. I did have the feeling it is most suitable for blondes ;-)
      Thank you for sharing.

  4. I have these to review too (from bzzagent) I must get around to doing it sometime this week! My conditioner one doesn't work though.. I can't get it to come out =/

    1. Oooh No !
      This is my favourite of the three.
      I wasn't so keen on the shampoo but hooked to the conditioner.
      Worth investing one of your vouchers to get a conditioner.

      Cool blog BTW :
      Thank you Sarah.

  5. Great, I'll try it!

  6. Recently I had to go for a couple of days without allowing water anywhere near my hair. Batiste actually worked super well on those last few days where only a wash would have tamed my hair, however I find that it gets even greasier after you've used it. maybe it's only meant to be used for a one day fix :)

    1. I only used it once but found that I could go much longer without washing my hair.
      And I loved the smell too.

      Interesting to see different experiences.
      How many times in a row did you use it ?
      How often do you usually wash your hair ?

      Thank you for sharing Lormenor.

  7. Looks Good

  8. I buy this to take to festivals - ideal when roughing it for a few days

    1. Which festival are you going to next Samantha ?

  9. i have tried this and think its really good

  10. I missed this campaign, dry shampoo usually makes my hair look grey :-\

    1. Oooh No ! The conditioner is a treat though.
      Review to be published later on today ;)

  11. I like it and smells good and very handy to have

  12. Will try this I think, still looking for one that doesn't leave tell tale residue :-)

  13. I go camping a lot so would maybe consider this instead of the not-always-so-great-showers, but as I'm very dark haired its good to know there's a brunette version as the only thing I've really heard about dry shampoo before is that it can make you look like you've attacked your hair with talc. Not really a look I want to go for :)

    1. Thank you for sharing Margaret.
      Hope the brunette version works for you.

  14. I've never been courageous enough to try dry shampoo. I think it won't work for me, yet I still wish to try it for some reason :)

    1. Make sure you get one adapted to your hair colour.
      I feel they work best for novices like us.
      I found it hard to deal with the white film this one left. Although my brunette friend swears by Batiste dry shampoo (an kind) she says it just depends how you use it

  15. The one and only time I tried a dry shampoo was when I was about er...about 26 years ago. What a disaster...I was in a hurry to leave for work, I didn't have time to wash my hair so sprinkled my mums dry shampoo in . It was similar to talc. It was raining and my umbrella broke so I got to work and my hair was absolutely caked, it was exactly like a ton of wet talc. I was so embarrassed - My Mum laughed herself silly - she'd had it 20 years herself and only ever used a tiny bit as and when needed as her hair was short and light grey. Never lived it down.

    1. That must have been really embarrassing !
      I hope dry shampoos have evolved now.
      Thank you for sharing your story Joy.

  16. I've only tried a dry shampoo once (when I first was in hospital for my condition), years ago! It was a HUGE disaster! The nurses had bought it in for me to try (Toni & Guy one I think) as I was bed bound and they didn't have any equipment on the ward to wash my hair in bed in. It made my hair SO SO greasy, and made it feel really icky :(
    Well it's 5 years later, I'm still suffering from M.E but severely now, and am in a care home. They use a blow up bowl contraption to wash my hair in , but don't often have time to do it. So I'm thinking about trying a dry shampoo (batiste this time) for inbetween the washes! I have long, brown ish hair, but am not keen on trying the batiste for dark hair after reading reviews that it stains clothing and bedding. With me being bed bound I can imagine my pillow cases becoming stained with the stuff!
    I'm also slightly worried as I don't tend to use ANYTHING that comes in a aerosole,as they set off my asthma. I'm wondering if it would work if I ask the nurses to spray it on my brush (outside my room), then brush it through my hair? Or if it has to be sprayed directly on to the hair?
    I'm interested in trying their conditioning spray to, as my ends get very dry!

    Brilliant review, I'm glad I stumbled across it on a google search for Batitse Dry Shampoo Reviews :D

    H x