Friday, 14 June 2013

REN bb cream - Review

Last month What's In My Handbag was offering the new REN BB cream to try.

I have loved REN products since the early 2000's.
They understood before most most the importance of natural products in cosmetics and always come up with great quality products and they are a British company.
Their products are neither "organic" neither 100% natural but will always use products derived from natural ingredients and free of paragons, silicon, pore-clogging agents, etc.
In one word high quality and effective products.

They are not cheap but neither are they expensive. (£26 for 50ml)

So REN has now jumped on the BB cream bandwagon.

What does REN say ? 

A silicone free BB cream with colour adaptive technology. It adjust to a wide range of skin tones and leaves the skin looking flawless, even toned and luminous with a perfect non-oily, satin finish. This true multi-function cream provides flawless coverage that banishes imperfections, gives SPF and anti-oxidant protection while photo-rejuvenation technology offers a toning, firming, anti-ageing effect. 


  • Skin looks satin smooth, matte and flawless
  • Corrects imperfections
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Revitalizes and boosts radiance
  • Skin looks firmer and more toned

What do I think ?

How did I get to try the product ?

I am a member of What's in My Handbag.
This is a great site where you can buy "Deluxe size" samples. 
Try a smaller (and cheaper) package of a product before you invest in the standard size.
From time to time, they offer "sample size" samples for free. Numbers are limited but you may get lucky.

How does it look ?

The package is the usual clean-line REN packaging.
I was quite concerned about the product at first as it looked really dark. (I have very fair skin)
But that's the point; the BB cream will adapt to your skin-tone.
The cream looks thick and creamy.

How did it feel ?

At first, it tingled. A bit of a worry as a I have very sensitive skin.
Will I end up looking like a tomato for the rest of the day or will I start peeling the next day ?
It wasn't as creamy as expected but I suspect this is due to the fact there is no silicon or other nasties in the cream.  I appreciate this.

How does it perform with a bigger challenge ?

For this review; I have used the inside of my arm.
As many who spend (too) much time in the kitchen; I often end up with cuts, grazes and burns.
I have had a serious burn for a few months now, the perfect scar to test the real power of REN bb cream ;-)

As you can see, it doesn't entirel cover the scar … it never pretended to be hard-core concealer !
However, I am pretty amazed by how much it conceals the scars and the sun-damage or other minor issues on my arm have vanished completely.
You can now imagine how well it will perform on your (nearly) flawless face.

How did it perform on my face ?

As I have over-sensitive skin, I have a lot of redness and as an acne sufferer, many scars and healing patches.
REN BB cream did an amazing job at given me a more even look.
It is not thick enough to cover everything, but it is a BB cream; not a thick foundation nor a concealer.
I am confident enough to let the BB cream replace my make-up on a Sunday afternoon. Many of you will probably be able to use it to replace your foundation.
As you apply the cream, it takes a bit of tapping and time to absorb.

Will I use it again ?

Certainly ! It may not replace my whole make-up bag but will be my Sunday afternoon staple.
Once my concealer or foundation is empty; REN bb cream may just replace either of the two.

My final verdict :

This is not a panacea suitable for all skin issues but an amazing product for minor skin tone problems.
It does not perform miracle but offers a considerable improvement worth investing into.
My only reserve is for some sensitive skin. Do try to get hold of a sample or try in shop before you invest.
I will give REN BB cream a big 4.5 out of 5

Disclaimer: I was sent a 3ml sample of the product by What's in my handbag. Neither the website nor REN have sponsored this reviews. All words and opinions are my own


  1. Great review, I have been looking for something like this for a while. I will try and find. Thank you.

  2. I don't use foundation as i find it too heavy so this might be the ideal solution for me x

  3. Dear HLH, Thanks for the review it is informative as usual. Keep on the good work.

    1. Cloud 9 & Naomib; hope it works out for you.

  4. I missed out on this try lol Glad you found it good though!

  5. Ooh I am impressed,I am another person who does not really like foundation,but need a cover up!! This sounds a good one,I have tried a few.

  6. Jo, If this one doesn't work for you; my best long-term ally was Kanebo liquid finish. It is a foundation but doesn't look like one. And doesn't give me break-outs.

  7. I tried this myself recently. Really does work very well unlike other BBs I've tried

  8. I think I'm going to give this a go, still looking for a BB cream that works

    1. Hope it works for you Jo.
      If you can get to a REN counter, I am sure they would let you try it

  9. I love the sound of this cream, sounds like the perfect base for summer make up too

  10. I've never heard of REN before but it sounds so good I think I'll give it a go.

    1. Really is a fab brand.
      I have been using many of their product since I discovered it in British Airways First class wash bags.
      They are mostly natural and reasonably priced for high quality product

  11. I too suffer from facial redness and acne scars/breakouts but hate the feeling of foundation - I think I will give this a try

    1. Let us know how it works for you Carol.

  12. Great review, unfortunately it looks too dark for me :o(

    1. Hi Saetana,
      It does look really dark which was a concern for me at first as I have very fair skin.
      However, once you apply it it blends into your own complexion somehow.

  13. Fab review, I've been using L'Oreal BB cream and would never go back to foundation now. Would definitely give the REN version a try, it looks really good.

  14. Will give this one a go - really impressive coverage. Have only tried a Garnier one so far and haven't really been thrilled with it. Find it sits in my pores.

    1. I wasn't thrilled by the Garnier version either.
      As far as coverage is concerned, I found the L'Oreal CC (Green) cream was working quite well but foundation was still needed on top

  15. brilliant review i will give this a go

  16. This sounds fab ... think i might just have to give this ago!

  17. This sounds fab ... might just have to give this a go!

  18. I love BB cream as I don't like to look too made up. Will definitely check this out!