Sunday, 2 June 2013

Keep you stainless steel appliances mark. streak and scale free

You love your stainless steel kettle, toaster, sandwich maker … ? 

But hate the marks that always appear on them ? 

I use the milk jug/frother on a daily basis. 
Unfortunately, due to the electrical component, I find it difficult to clean on the outside. 
My best friend for this problem always has been vinegar. 

Ideally, you will use the cheapest and clearest vinegar : distilled malt or distilled alcohol. 
If you ran out of simply don't use these, you can use white wine vinegar, tarragon or cider vinegar. 
As a last resort, use the red wine vinegar or brown malt vinegar. 
Do keep away from the darker kind : balsamic, jerez etc as they often are too sticky. 

Simply pour a few drops onto a piece of kitchen paper or a cloth and rub the appliance. 
You will be amazed at how well and how fast it works ! 

If you have a stainless steel fridge or door, do not use the vinegar but use baby oil. 
Not only this will make the finger marks vanish but it will create a coating on the door to prevent marks for few days !


  1. Good advice, I'd forgotten how many uses vinegar has.

    1. Thank you Frances.
      The uses are endless. There are entire books dedicated to vinegar and its usage ;-)

    2. I've just tried using vinegar. It works!!! Thank you xx Linda Guest

    3. You are most welcome Linda. xx

  2. I love vinegar to clean with. It's great in the washing machine too. Half a cup in the rinse load helps kill germs and odours, works like a fabric softener and cleans the machine and the pipes out. Cheap as too.

    1. What a wonderful idea Mary !
      I didn't know this trick but it makes perfect sense.
      Thank you for sharing.