Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What to do with the kids ? - The London Dungeon visit and your chance to win a family ticket for the Dungeon (London, York or Edinburgh)

Last week I visited the London Dungeon for the first time since it moved from the old London Bridge location.
My last visit must be around 10 years back now ! And the Dungeon has changed quite a bit.

The idea is still a "Horrible History" lesson on London from the Great Plague to 1783, where you will plunge to your own death after being sentenced to hanging!
Each of the experience / room present a show with a live actor : 18 in total !

So what is it all about ?

You will start your descent into the murky past of London through the Leper's lift.
The Leper will welcome you to the Dungeon and to his lift.
After learning a bit about leprosy; if you are lucky, you will arrive at Thames River Dock.
But will you survive the ride or fear will be taking over you ?
(During our visit; 2 children had to be removed from the Dungeon !)

10 horrific facts about Henry VIII – The London Dungeon

King Henry VIII may be waiting for you at the dock.
Did you know Henry ordered 72,000 executions through his reign ?

Queen Mary the I only ordered 300 !
So will will Henry send you to execution for treason, along with his wife Anne Boleyn ?
Take the boat ride and see where you end up ?

See 10 horrific facts about Henry VIII – from The London Dungeon


What ?! You didn't die yet ?!
Maybe you made it to the City Gate
Watch out ! The Normans are about to invite.
Will you manage to grab that bucket of hot tar, or will you be helping the Gong Farmer to keep London Street free of poo ?

Going through a rat-infested tunnel and the streets of London (Watch out for these buckets being emptied from windows !), you will go straight to Guy Fawkes.
Guy will tell you all about his plot to blow the House of Parliament  on that chilly November night of 1605.
Oh no !!! is that a fuse I can see next to these barrels of gunpowder ?
Either way, we are doomed …. the House of Parliament blows up and so do we or we get greeted by the Torturer for punishment.

OK, straight into the Torture Chamber.
The Torturer is a real craftsmen, he has many tools, a vivid imagination and would love to teach you a few tricks.
What better way of teaching than picking one of the audience for a demonstration ?
What will be the poor Guy's (or Gal) fate ?
What does his/her inside looks like ? You will soon find out if you are not the lucky one picked to demonstrate !

Plague was believed to be spread by rats
(or more precisely Rat's fleas)
You haven't run away yet ?
Well done you !
You are now in 1665 and it is the Great Plague of London.
Let's go an see the Doctor, or rather his assistant (Sorry, the Doctor just died)
Along with the assistant you will find the latest treatment for curing the plague. Oh Damn ! where did all these leeches go ?
Let's escape through the sewers.
Can  you stand the stench ? Will you be frightened by the sewer's inhabitants … they do have rather long tails !

Straight off the Sewers and you arrive in Fleet Street.
Sorry, that was long before the luxury excesses of the 1980's, we are still in 1800's !
Mrs Lovett is here to welcome … oh wait ! she has just received a new large order for these delicious meat-pies.
Why don't you go and see her good friend, the barber Sweeney Todd ?
He will give you a trendy hair-cut and teach you a thing or two about recycling.

Did Sweeney find your fellow visitors more attractive than you ?
Good, you can run away from Fleet Street through the Whitechapel labyrinth.
And if you are really lucky, and found your way out, here is your chance to take a refreshing pint in the 10 Bells pub.
You know, it has a been a year already since Jack the Ripper's last victim.
Mrs Waldren the landlady is a brilliant story teller, she knows all about Jack and will give you an anecdote or two. One of Jack's victim used to drink at the Ten Bells.
Drink up before the lanterns go out or you may just get caught by Jack !

Love the door of the Loos ;-)

Did you manage to escape the Ripper ?
You are now in 1783, about to be judged for your crime.
London has got a brand new Gallow ! Newgate Gallow.

But don't fear, your Dungeon's guide will teach you all you need to know for a graceful death.
Audiences build up near the Gallow, you may as well die in style and sent off by a cheering crowd

How steep is the drop ?
You are there, with the noose around your neck.
Will you manage to give the crowd a good death ?
This is the end of your journey through gruesome history.
And a fast end of all !

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  1. WOW, that's a fantastic review! Well done! Looks a lot of work has been put into it!!!

    1. Thank you ;-) … and thank you for visiting.
      Hope you enjoy some of the posts.

  2. Chabad Habad Lubavitch in truth, however, all these descents and concealments are merely external. On a more sublime level, since G-d conducts the world according to His will and since He desires that all creation attain spiritual perfection, even those things that seem to indicate darkness and a headlong fall are but a prerequisite for refinement, illumination and soaring ascent.